Reviews and Articles By Me

“Papa Jo Jones: Jazz Drummer and…Actor?” (on the “Goodnight Sweet Blues” episode of “Route 66”) University of Minnesota Press Blog, 4/12/2012

Review of Kevin Young’s The Grey Album: On the Blackness of Blackness. San Francisco Chronicle, 4/1/2012

“At the Armory Show, the Rarely Seen Abstract Work of Romare Bearden.” Capital New York, 3/6/2012

“Remembering Etta James.” The Root, 1/20/2012

Wall text for the exhibition “Five Works from the Collection of Albert Murray,” D.C. Moore Gallery, New York, NY, on display from January 6-February 4, 2012

Review of Percival Everett’s Assumption. San Francisco Chronicle, 12/11/11

“Heavy D Changed How We See Fat Rappers.” Slate (BrowBeat), 11/9/11

“One Hundred Years: The Life and Times of Papa Jo Jones.” University of Minnesota Press Blog, 10/7/11

“Rap’s Response to 9/11” Bomb Magazine blog (Bomblog),  9/27/11

Review of The Library of America’s Harlem Renaissance Novels. San Francisco Chronicle 9/11/11

“Romare Bearden: A Birthday Tribute.” The Root, 9/3/2011

“The Professor and the Bellhop” (on Cornel West) The Root, 5/21/2011

May Music Roundup The Root, 5/13/2011

April Music Roundup The Root, 4/14/2011

Review of Ishmael Reed’s Juice! San Francisco Chronicle, 4/13/2011

Review of Werner Sollors’ Ethnic Modernism. St. John’s University Humanities Review, Spring 2011

March Music Roundup The Root, 3/14/2011

“One-Eyed Gods and One-Armed Gods” (on True Grit) Slate, 2/4/11

“Big Maybelle’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Anthem” The Root, 1/17/2011

“Teena Marie: The Godmother of Hip-Hop.” The Root, 12/27/10

Review of Rudy Abramson’s Spanning the Century: The Life of W. Averell Harriman 1891-1986. The Second Pass, 11/30/2010

“Stakes is High.” (second follow-up article on The Anthology of Rap) Slate, 11/19/2010

“It Was Written.” (follow-up article on The Anthology of Rap.) Slate, 11/10/2010

Review of Eugene Robinson’s Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America. San Francisco Chronicle. 11/7/2010

“Fact-Check The Rhyme.” Review of The Anthology of Rap. Slate, 11/4/2010

Review of Saul Bellow: Letters. The Second Pass, 10/26/2010

Review of Yunte Huang’s Charlie Chan: The Untold Story of the Honorable Detective and his Rendezvous with American History. The Daily Beast, 9/5/2010

Review of James Baldwin’s The Cross of Redemption: Uncollected Writings. San Francisco Chronicle, 9/5/2010

“Romare Bearden’s Map of Paris.” Smithsonian Archives of American Art Blog. 6/20/2010

Review of Robert Alter’s Pen of Iron: American Prose and the King James Bible. The Second Pass,  5/13/2010

“Happy Birthday, Clef Club” The Root, 4/10/2010

Review of Nell Irvin Painter’s The History of White People. San Francisco Chronicle, 3/26/2010

Review of Sasha Abramsky’s Inside Obama’s Brain. San Francisco Chronicle, 2/5/2010

“James Carville Caption” (uncredited) in “The Blackest White Folks We Know” The Root, 1/22/10

Review of Caryl Phillips’ In the Falling Snow. San Francisco Chronicle, 9/29/09

Review of Jackson Lears’ Rebirth of a Nation: The Making of Modern America 1877-1920. The Brooklyn Rail, July-August 2009

-National Book Critics Circle “Featured Review” (on Critical Mass), 6/30/2009

-Reprinted at Powell’s Books Review-A-Day 7/22/2009

Review of James Campbell’s Syncopations: Beats, New Yorkers, and Writers in the Dark. The Antioch Review, Summer 2009

Review of Steven Brower’s Satchmo: The Wonderful World and Art of Louis Armstrong. The Brooklyn Rail, April 2009

“Reparations as Economic Stimulus.” The Root, 1/8/09

“Save The Obama Drama.” The Root, 11/18/08

“Cut From the Same Cloth?: Obama and Pope John Paul II” The Root, 10/14/08

“Who is Running the Obama Campaign?” The Root, 7/31/08

Review of Arnold Rampersad’s Ralph Ellison: A Biography. The Antioch Review, Summer 2008

“An Open Letter to Michelle Obama” The Root, 4/29/08

-excerpted at The New Republic’s election blog The Plank

”Black Star,” review of Colin Grant’s Negro with a Hat: The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey. The New York Times Book Review,  4/22/2008

“Albert Murray at 90.” The Antioch Review, Spring 2007 (later purchased from The Antioch Review by Cengage Research in Black Literature and Criticism)

“Here Lies the Tie Clip.” Slate, 5/29/07

“For Whom the Shill Toils.” review of Hemingway and the Mechanism of Fame. Slate, 10/13/06

Review of Paul Berman’s Terror and Liberalism. St. John’s University Humanities Review, Spring 2004

Review of Sheri Holman’s The Mammoth Cheese.  St. John’s  University Humanities Review, Spring 2004

Review of Italo Calvino’s Hermit in Paris. St. John’s University Humanities Review, Fall 2003

“Interview with John Hollander.” St. John’s University Humanities Review, April 2003

“Discussing Poetry with Albert Murray.” St. John’s University Humanities Review, March 2003